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How to Claim My FREE .SG or .COM.SG Domain

First Step

First Step

Check your available domain name using the search domain box above.
Second Step

Second Step

Fill in the form below and register an account with us to store your domain name.
Third Step

Third Step

Check your email for SGNIC verification and confirmation email.
Check List

Am I Eligible for the Free .SG Domain?

1. If You Have Registered a New Business within 90 Days?

These includes:

  • Business
  • Companies
  • Public Accounting Corporation (PAC)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Public Accounting Firms (PAF)

2. If Your Business Hasn't Registered Any Domain Name?

I have not registered any domain for my business. On top of that, I have reserved my desired domain with ACRA via BizFile.

3. If You Have Already Reserved for Your Domain Name with ACRA?

I have already reserved my .SG / .COM.SG domain with ACRA less than 90 days ago.

4. Some Other things You Need to Take Note of:

  • I have one of the company owner's NRIC for verification (Required by ACRA for verification)
  • There will be an administrative fee of S$30 if the domain is transferred out within the first year.
  • I have decided on the domain name (non-changeable)

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